Ever dreamed of naming your character with something as legendary and captivating as the mythical centaurs themselves? Whether you’re writing an epic fantasy novel, creating a compelling D&D campaign, or simply looking for a unique name, we’ve got you covered.

Dive into our list of 190 most popular centaur names that perfectly blend strength, mystique, and elegance. Get ready to find the best name that will bring your centaur to life and make your story unforgettable!

What makes centaur names special?

Centaurs pass their names down from generation to generation. When a new foal is born, they often get the name of a family member who recently passed away. Centaurs think this helps keep the person’s memory alive and holds a bit of their spirit too.

Instead of using family names, centaurs wear symbols that represent their clan or family. These symbols can be carved images of plants or animals, wise sayings, braids and beads in their hair or tail, or unique patterns on their clothes.

What are centaurs?

Centaurs have the upper bodies of strong humans, with different skin colors and features. They have ears like elves, but their faces are more square. Their lower bodies are like horses, with various colors and patterns on their fur. Most centaurs have similar hairstyles: Selesnya centaurs like long hair, while Gruul centaurs prefer spikey hair.

Centaurs are about the same size as humans on top, but their horse half is around four feet tall. They often work as cavalry, messengers, or scouts in battles, similar to how humans use horses.

Centaurs love nature and feel close to other wild animals. They enjoy running alongside herds and packs of animals. Because of this, most centaurs join guilds that also value nature. The Grull Clans and the Selesnya Conclave are two popular choices. Centaurs rarely join the Golgari or Simic guilds.

Centaurs also value life and tradition. They celebrate the birth of new foals and preserve old stories and customs. Many centaurs take on the role of historians in their guilds.

Where do centaurs live?

Centaurs live in close-knit communities that honor nature and family. The Gruul centaurs are known for their strong family ties, while Selesnya centaurs are devoted to their communities and guilds.

Most centaurs live near Ravnica’s forests, but some also live in the forests of Toril. They originally came from the Cormanthor forests but have since spread to other places like Evermeet and the High Forest.

Most Famous Centaur Names:

In the annals of mythology and fantasy literature, certain centaur names stand out as iconic symbols of strength, wisdom, and nobility. These names belong to legendary beings whose deeds and exploits have been immortalized in tales passed down through the ages.

From wise mentors to fierce warriors, these centaurs have left an indelible mark on the imaginations of readers and storytellers alike. Here are 30 of the most famous centaur names that continue to inspire awe and admiration today.

  1. Chiron
  2. Pholus
  3. Nessus
  4. Chariclo
  5. Rhoecus
  6. Eurytion
  7. Pholoe
  8. Asbolus
  9. Centaurus
  10. Elatus
  11. Hylonome
  12. Cyllarus
  13. Amycus
  14. Hylaeus
  15. Ocyrhoe
  16. Eurytus
  17. Ampyx
  18. Anchius
  19. Arcas
  20. Argius
  21. Cyprian
  22. Echion
  23. Enaesimus
  24. Eurydamas
  25. Eurynomus
  26. Eurythion
  27. Glenus
  28. Hipponous
  29. Latreus
  30. Pholoe

Cool Centaur Names:

Most Popular Centaur Names
Cool Centaur Names

Cool centaur names exude a sense of strength, grace, and mystique, perfectly capturing the majesty of these mythical creatures. Whether they’re galloping through enchanted forests or wielding mighty bows in battle, these names are sure to turn heads and command respect. Here are 30 cool centaur names that embody the spirit of adventure and heroism.

  1. Orion
  2. Andromeda
  3. Astra
  4. Draven
  5. Astraea
  6. Erebos
  7. Callisto
  8. Zenith
  9. Nova
  10. Talon
  11. Phoenix
  12. Zephyr
  13. Valkyrie
  14. Titan
  15. Celestia
  16. Storm
  17. Luna
  18. Aurora
  19. Blaze
  20. Shadow
  21. Solstice
  22. Artemis
  23. Galahad
  24. Athena
  25. Griffin
  26. Seraph
  27. Lyra
  28. Cassiopeia
  29. Apollo
  30. Phoenix

Funny Centaur Names:

Most Popular Centaur Names
Funny Centaur Names

While centaurs are often depicted as noble and majestic creatures, there’s also room for humor and whimsy in the world of fantasy. Funny centaur names bring a lighthearted touch to these mythical beings, adding a dash of comedy to their adventures. Whether they’re stumbling through clumsy mishaps or delivering witty one-liners, these names are sure to bring a smile to your face. Here are 30 funny centaur names guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

  1. Hoof Hearted
  2. Neigh-sayer
  3. Clip Clop
  4. Horsin’ Around
  5. Canterlot
  6. Gallopino
  7. Mane Event
  8. Neigh-borly
  9. Neigh-some
  10. Hoofin’ It
  11. Centaurprise
  12. Gallop-ulous
  13. Horseshoe-dini
  14. Equine Einstein
  15. Sir Neighs-a-lot
  16. Hoofin’ Around
  17. Mane Man
  18. Hoof-Hearted
  19. Trotterazzi
  20. Canterbury Tales
  21. Neigh-ght Rider
  22. Stirrup Trouper
  23. Mane Attraction
  24. Hoofin’ Fluff
  25. Centaurtainment
  26. Horsing Around
  27. Gallop and Go
  28. Hoofnote
  29. Neigh-genius
  30. Neigh-sayer

Dnd Centaur Names:

Most Popular Centaur Names
DND Centaur Names

In the vast and varied world of Dungeons & Dragons, centaurs roam the plains, embodying strength, grace, and untamed beauty. Their names reflect the rich tapestry of cultures and languages found across the realms, evoking images of wild landscapes and ancient traditions. Whether they’re fierce warriors or wise shamans, these D&D centaur names are sure to capture the imagination of players and Dungeon Masters alike. Here are 30 names fit for the heroes and legends of your D&D campaigns.

  1. Thalassor
  2. Arion
  3. Galahad
  4. Eurytus
  5. Lyra
  6. Argent
  7. Calypso
  8. Zenith
  9. Orion
  10. Epona
  11. Pallas
  12. Helios
  13. Phaedra
  14. Andromeda
  15. Hyperion
  16. Cygnus
  17. Callisto
  18. Artemis
  19. Selene
  20. Rhea
  21. Eos
  22. Morpheus
  23. Castor
  24. Pollux
  25. Atalanta
  26. Perseus
  27. Hermes
  28. Athena
  29. Cerberus
  30. Nyx

Badass Centaur Names:

Most Popular Centaur Names
Badass Centaur Names

For centaurs who exude strength, courage, and undeniable badassery, only the most epic names will do. These names are tailor-made for warriors who charge into battle with thundering hooves and hearts of fire, leaving a trail of awe and respect in their wake. Whether they’re leading their kin into war or embarking on quests of legendary proportions, these badass centaur names command attention and inspire fear in equal measure. Here are 30 names fit for the most badass centaurs to ever grace the battlefield.

  1. Thunderhoof
  2. Ironmane
  3. Shadowflame
  4. Stormrider
  5. Warhammer
  6. Bloodhoof
  7. Swiftwind
  8. Fireheart
  9. Nightshade
  10. Steelhoof
  11. Grimshadow
  12. Bloodmoon
  13. Darkbane
  14. Thunderstrike
  15. Ironhide
  16. Shadowblade
  17. Warcry
  18. Swiftstrike
  19. Frostmane
  20. Stormcaller
  21. Raventail
  22. Blackhorn
  23. Nightstalker
  24. Thunderclap
  25. Ironfist
  26. Grimclaw
  27. Battlecry
  28. Darkfang
  29. Shadowhoof
  30. Warbringer

Centaur Names in Harry Potter:

In the magical world of Harry Potter, centaurs roam the Forbidden Forest, their ancient wisdom and mystical powers shrouded in mystery. These centaurs have names that reflect their connection to nature, the stars, and the arcane forces that shape their world. From wise elders to fierce guardians, these names evoke the majesty and mystique of these enigmatic creatures. Here are 30 names of centaurs from the Harry Potter universe, each one a testament to the rich tapestry of J.K. Rowling’s imagination.

  1. Firenze
  2. Bane
  3. Magorian
  4. Ronan
  5. Rubeus
  6. Galatea
  7. Artemis
  8. Thalassa
  9. Arcadia
  10. Orion
  11. Hyperion
  12. Epona
  13. Andromeda
  14. Athena
  15. Perseus
  16. Eos
  17. Castor
  18. Pollux
  19. Selene
  20. Helios
  21. Athena
  22. Phaedra
  23. Lyra
  24. Argus
  25. Phoebe
  26. Callisto
  27. Arion
  28. Cygnus
  29. Thetis
  30. Cronus

Male Centaur Names:

In the realm of fantasy, male centaurs embody strength, courage, and noble grace. These names evoke the spirit of the wild, reflecting the untamed beauty and power of these mythical creatures. Whether they’re charging into battle or roaming the open plains, male centaur names carry a sense of majesty and honor. Here are 30 names fit for the noblest of centaur warriors and adventurers.

  1. Theron
  2. Orion
  3. Ajax
  4. Arion
  5. Hector
  6. Magnus
  7. Ares
  8. Phelan
  9. Galen
  10. Atlas
  11. Achilles
  12. Apollo
  13. Leonidas
  14. Castor
  15. Icarus
  16. Helios
  17. Draco
  18. Pegasus
  19. Hercules
  20. Zephyr
  21. Titan
  22. Hyperion
  23. Perseus
  24. Hermes
  25. Theseus
  26. Eros
  27. Adonis
  28. Caelum
  29. Lykos
  30. Phoenix

Female Centaur Names:

Most Popular Centaur Names
Female Centaur Names

Female centaurs are renowned for their grace, wisdom, and fierce determination. These names capture the beauty and strength of these mythical beings, reflecting their connection to nature and the stars. Whether they’re leading their kin in battle or weaving spells of enchantment, female centaur names exude power and elegance. Here are 30 names befitting the most majestic of centaur matriarchs and heroes.

  1. Lyra
  2. Artemis
  3. Aurora
  4. Selene
  5. Calliope
  6. Athena
  7. Thalassa
  8. Cassiopeia
  9. Andromeda
  10. Galatea
  11. Cybele
  12. Phoebe
  13. Thalia
  14. Harmonia
  15. Epona
  16. Rhea
  17. Iphigenia
  18. Circe
  19. Medusa
  20. Harmonia
  21. Elektra
  22. Hestia
  23. Daphne
  24. Antigone
  25. Calypso
  26. Helene
  27. Lysandra
  28. Amara
  29. Morwenna
  30. Zenobia

Centaur Names in Greek Mythology:

Most Popular Centaur Names
Greek Mythology Centaur Names

In the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, centaurs are both revered and feared as powerful beings of the wilderness. These names are drawn from ancient legends and tales, reflecting the diversity and complexity of centaur lore. From wise teachers to fierce warriors, these names evoke the majesty and mystique of these mythical creatures. Here are 30 names of centaurs from Greek mythology, each one a testament to the enduring fascination with these enigmatic beings.

  1. Chiron
  2. Pholus
  3. Nessus
  4. Eurytion
  5. Centaurus
  6. Rhoecus
  7. Asbolus
  8. Hylonome
  9. Cyllarus
  10. Amycus
  11. Hylaeus
  12. Ocyrhoe
  13. Ampyx
  14. Anchius
  15. Arcas
  16. Argius
  17. Echion
  18. Enaesimus
  19. Eurydamas
  20. Eurynomus
  21. Eurythion
  22. Glenus
  23. Hipponous
  24. Latreus
  25. Perimedes
  26. Phaeocomes
  27. Phlegraeus
  28. Phrixus
  29. Polypoetes
  30. Pylenor